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Sudden gas leak in Meerut 2 unconscious: Gas made in chemicals kept in marriage pavilion spread in the air, teams engaged in investigation on the spot

A leakage of a toxic gas in Meerut late on Tuesday night stirred people. There has been a sudden leakage of a gas at the Milan Palace of Summer Garden of Lisadi Gate police station area. Police and fire brigade teams have reached the spot on information. The smell of gas is so sharp that 2 people have fallen unconscious. Teams who reached the spot are engaged in investigation.

Gas leakage in chemical

is being told that there is a meeting in the Summer Garden of Lisadi Gate. The MDA team was sealed in this wedding pavilion on Tuesday. The authority team sealed a part of the pavilion. The second part where this chemical was placed did not seal it. The team of the authority left with a sealed. But the chemical kept in this part of the building late at night, suddenly gas was made and leakage started.

The marriage is on the hire, the marriage mandapamandap operator Sharafat resident is New Islam Nagar Lisadi Gate. Sharafat has rented this pavilion to Mustakim. At the same time, two people have fainted due to gas leakage. The police station reached the information, information about the whole case. People around are also doing rescue work by pouring water to eliminate gas from the atmosphere.

Which gas it is, the correct information about how the leak is will be done only after investigation.

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