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Talk to the new Governor on reservation: The Chief Minister said- Politics should decide in the interest of the state, the recruitment has stopped

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel met the new Governor of Chhattisgarh Vishwabhushan Harichandan. In this meeting held at Raj Bhavan, there was also talk on the biggest political issue of the state i.e. reservation bill. At the time of talk for some time, the Chief Secretary of the state Amitabh Jain, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Subrata Sahu were also present there. These officers of the state also informed the Governor on reservation.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said to the media in Raipur for this meeting- I have spoken to the Governor in the matter of reservation, I have told them that Government recruitment has stopped in the state. Reservation bill has been passed from the assembly, you are new, if you have taken charge, then I am telling you this subject, we want to be a quick decision. With this, work can be done in the interest of the state, politics is its place. The aim of all is the interest of the public, the future of the younger generation is being affected. So I urged the Governor to decide immediately after taking immediate cognizance.

After listening to the Chief Minister, the new Governor has asked to take a positive decision by taking information about the bill and the circumstances. The Chief Minister said that we will get the benefit of the experience of the Governor, I hope that he will soon decide on it, he has been a law minister, has a good experience of politics and administrative work and he knows about such matters. Are.

This was followed by 32 per cent for Scheduled Tribes, 27 per cent for OBC, 13 per cent for Scheduled Castes and 4 per cent for the economically weaker section. The bill was sent to the Governor for approval. Then the Governor, Anusaiya Uike refused to approve it and kept it with him. Advocate Himank Saluja and the state government had filed a petition for the Governor’s non -acceptance. The state government has challenged the High Court to stop the Reservation Bill Bill from the Governor. The hearing of this case is still pending.

The controversy over this issue between the previous Governor and the CM has expressed his displeasure many times on the entire issue. He said that at the behest of the BJP, the Governor and his Legal Advisor are deliberately stucking the bill. He described the Legal Advisor of Raj Bhavan as an agent of the BJP. Congressmen put up posters in many parts of the city and described the BJP’s office as the Raj Bhavan Operations Center.

Last time Raj Bhavan questioned the departments about the bill. On this, the Chief Minister said- he does not have that right. Raj Bhavan is a legal advisor, giving false advice. The first governor had said that I will sign as soon as the proposal comes from the assembly. Reservation is not for any one class. There are all rules. Does Raj Bhavan do not know, is any department bigger than the assembly?

BJP gave a statement about the BJP on Sunday, besides the issue of shedding tears. He said- BJP people are lying people. Regarding PM residence, he further said that now new beneficiaries are ready. They will be known when census and economic surveys are conducted. This is the court to meet the Prime Minister. There are not only houses but many schemes in which there will be benefit after the survey. Now the Chhattisgarh government will conduct survey for housing from April 1. We will give the housing to the beneficiary. BJP has nothing except shedding crocodile tears.

Amitesh Kumar

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