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Tamil Nadu’s Tamo House Company will install industry in Kannauj: 200 acres of land is being searched, traders demanded arms license

Non -province entrepreneurs have started coming here to establish new industries in Kannauj. Land is being searched to set up the industry. A Tamil Nadu company is looking for 200 acres of land to set up the industry. This was revealed in the meeting of the Udyog Bandhu in the Collectorate Auditorium. During the meeting, the traders demanded the DM for issuing arms license.

District Magistrate Subrant Kumar Shukla said that Rajvijay Kumar, representative of Tamo House unit of Tamil Nadu, told him at the meeting of District Industry Bandhu in Collectorate Auditorium. Giving information, he said that I am trying to set up industry in his company Kannauj district. For this, 200 acres of land is needed, which is being searched. In the meeting, the DM appealed that if a person is available to sell 200 acres of land, then that person can contact the Deputy Commissioner Industries Office and send his proposal. Local people will get employment due to large industry.

traders asked the DM in the meeting of arms license district bandhu, the traders spoke before the DM to issue arms license keeping in mind the security. The traders also demanded to transfer heritage arms license. On which the DM has assured them to initiate proceedings.

The demand of the raised to fix the buses, the demands raised the issue of arbitrarily conducting private all private operations. He demanded the set of private buses in Gursahaiganj, Vishungarh and Chibramau. Apart from this, government buses were also demanded to run.

DM said, problems of new industries will be resolved, Subhant Kumar Shukla said during the meeting that the problems of those who want to set up new industries, their problems Will be resolved soon. Those who are having money problems in setting up industries will be given loans. Apart from this, the problems of traders like NOC, electricity, drain, debris etc. will be resolved soon.

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