'Tarak Mehta ...' actor Gurcharan Singh returned to Mumbai: Friend Bhakti Soni welcomed at the airport, said on the question of marriage- 'This is a surprise element'

'Tarak Mehta ...' actor Gurcharan Singh returned to Mumbai: Friend Bhakti Soni welcomed at the airport, said on the question of marriage- 'This is a surprise element'

Posted on Sun Jul 07 2024

About two and a half months later, 'Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma' fame actor Gurcharan Singh has returned to Mumbai. According to the actor, Mumbai is his work place. Gurcharan's friend Bhakti Soni came to Mumbai Airport to pick him up. According to Gurucharan, he has returned to his work place only due to his fans. The actor said, 'First of all, I want to thank my friend devotion, producer JD Majethia and my fans heartily. I have returned to Mumbai today because of his love. Also, Delhi Police also supported a lot. Mumbai is my work place. I will return to work again. I will never leave Mumbai.

he further said, 'Rab was felt on me and everyone had blessings. My family has done a lot for me. This was the reason that wherever I was, his love pulled me back from there. By the way, I do not want to talk about where I was at that time, why I did this. I will talk about it leisurely. Is not the right time yet. Right now I only want to go to my house. '

the makers of' Tarak Mehta ... 'should make the show crisp

Gurcharan said Sodhi in' Tarak Mehta ... Was played the character. According to the actor, it is very important to bring some changes to the show. He says about this, 'Tarak's team is like a family. Even today, when I watch the old episodes of the show, I remember the days spent on the set. However, there has been a lot of change now. I believe that makers should make the show crisp. The actors had discused about this earlier. See, I am saying all this because we all love this show very much. We do care. '

He further said, “It is very important to pay attention to what the audience likes right now. People should understand what people are saying. Makers can make this show even better. The show is a stress buster in a way. Mini India is seen in the show. If the makers focus on the choice of the audience, then perhaps this show can be even better. It is believed that Gurcharan will get married soon. On the question of marriage, the actor says, 'This is a surprise element that I am going to open in front of my fans soon. I will definitely disclose this at the right time. '

Bhakti Soni at the airport says, “Finally, Guru came to Mumbai. Last time she could not receive them. I am meeting them after about 3 months. There are many complaints from them but happiness is doubled by him. Were. At that time, devotion reached Mumbai Airport to pick them up. However, Gurcharan did not come to Mumbai. After which the actor's family lodged a missing complex at Palam police station in Delhi. After three weeks (May 17) he returned to his home.

According to Delhi Police, Gurcharan Singh told in interrogation that he left the world and left on a spiritual journey. He said that in these three weeks, he visited the gurdwaras of many cities including Amritsar, Ludhiana. Later he realized that he should return home, so he returned.