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Temperature crosses 30 degrees in Haryana: the hottest day of Sirsa; Mercury reached 34.6, there is no chance of rain for 5 days

Weather has turned in Haryana. The maximum temperature in some districts of the state has crossed 30 degrees Celsius. The hottest days of Sirsa district have been recorded. The mercury here is recorded at 34.6 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, there is no possibility of rain for the next 5 days. Although the winds of 40 to 50 km speed at day and night will definitely give relief to the people from the heat.

The mercury of these districts is some of the districts of Parahariyana whose maximum temperature is recorded beyond 30 degrees Celsius Has been done Among them, Hisar (32.8), Mahendragarh (33.8), Bhiwani (32.0), Ambala (31.0), Faridabad (33.2), Fatehabad (30.7), Gurugram (31.3), Balsamand (34.2), Jhajjar (31.0), Jind (32.0) Mewat (32.5) and Rewari are included.

The heat is having the afternoon, according to the department, the weather is changing again and again due to western disturbances. Because of which, where there is a slight cold in the morning, then in the afternoon, sweaty heat is haunting. The Meteorological Department has predicted strong winds in the coming 2-3 days. Although some places are expected to be cloudy, there is very little possibility of rain.

Wheat can reach wheat. After harm, mustard harvesting has started, then the same wheat crop has now ripened cooking Is on It will start harvesting in the month of April. A slightly low temperature is good for the ripening of the wheat crop, but the growing heat day-to-day can also affect the wheat crop.

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