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The 11th student in Gujarat suicide: The army was strictly upset with the father, written in the note- I will take revenge for each tear

11th class student of Royal School in Dhoraji city of Gujarat took suicide on Saturday night. The student’s name was Divya and she was a student of science. His body was found hanging from the fan in his room in the hostel. At around 12 o’clock in the night, some girls tried to contact her. If there was no doubt about not getting the answer, the hostel management was informed. By the time he had died by the time the hostel’s secure team entered the room.

Papa told Papa in the suicide note, the reason for the death has received a suicide note from the room. Written in the note- I Hate You Papa, until I avenges each tear, my soul will not get peace. I will be with you whenever you miss me. Please forgive me. I cannot live with so much tension.

Only grandmother wrote in the suicide note in Divya’s handwriting from the love table of both parents, Papa, really there is only one reason for my death. And he is you. I hate you a lot. Because, you never understood me your daughter. Just ordered and angry. Just behind my death, I am sad from ‘Baa’ (grandmother). Who gave me the love of both parents. Sorry Grandma.

BSF has also been a BSF soldier, the family of Divya’s father Divya is originally from the city of Kutina in Gujarat. Divya has been studying in Dhoraji’s Royal School since 10th and lived in the hostel of this school. Divya’s father Rameshbhai has also been a BSF soldier. As soon as the news of the daughter’s suicide was received, they also reached the hostel.

A case has been registered with the police and sent the body for postmortem. At the same time, the note has been sent to the forensic teem to check the handwriting of the suicide note.

15 days ago, the 12th student had done one such case of Susidaside, about 15 days ago in Rajkot Had come in front. Here, Devanshi Sarawaiya, a 12th student, was hanged and committed suicide at the Girls Hostel near Sadhu Vaswani Road. Devanshi wrote in the suicide note- ‘I have no complaint with my death. But I do not like my life.

I cannot afford so much tension. My head hurts a lot. However, Devanshi did not blame anyone responsible for suicide. In the note, he wrote for his brother apologizing to all the family members- ‘Brother, take care of mom-dad.’

Amitesh Kumar

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