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The color of Kanpuria Holi scattered in Live Ganga Mela: Hurriyare came out on buffalo cart; Holi is in celebration of victory over the British

The historic Ganga fair has started in

Kanpur. DM Visakh G. He hoisted the flag and wished the Rangotsav. Now Huriyare is on the streets in the form of Julus within a radius of about 5 and a half km. People are doing Gulal-Abir and water showers from the roofs. This tradition has been celebrated with great pomp on Anuradha Nakshatra for the last 82 years in Kanpur. The PAC band is playing patriotic tune.

Understand the route of the handing while playing color …

Preparations have been completed for Holi Ganga Mela. Buffalo carts, tractor trolleys, tempo and camel are about to rain color. Hurriyare will rain color from high pressure pitchers. Huriyare will gather in the park from 8 am. After this, the fun of Hori will start. Colorful Hatia, Gayaprasad Lane, Moolganj, Shivala, Ramnarayan Bazar Square, Kamla Tower, Chati Mohal, Sirki Mohal, Birhana Road, Nayaganj, Janarganj will return to Hatia via Hatia.

Kanpur closed for 5 days in Kanpur The markets remain

After Holi, the major markets of Kanpur are closed till Ganga Mela. It is the highest number of days in the whole year. Large and wholesale markets of Kanpur open only after the Ganga fair. After the end of the Ganga Mela, a grand Holi Milan ceremony will be held in the evening at Sarsaiya Ghat.

Stalls of not only district administration, but also stalls of all major political parties have been set up. Along with this, hundreds of stalls are set up, including the main social service organization of the city. In the evening, thousands of crowds will gather at Sarsaiya Ghat along with city leaders and prominent people. All will play Holi of flowers by applying gulal to each other.

Now tell the story of how Ganga Mela started now …

staying in Hatia The one is part of Gyanendra Vishnoi organizer Mela Organizing Committee. He said that while playing Holi in 1942, the British refused the Hurriyas. Despite this, people played Holi. In protest, the British revolutionary self. About 47 people including Gulab Chandra Seth, Budhulal Mehrotra, Naveen Sharma, Vishwanath Tandon, Hameed Khan, Giridhar Sharma were arrested and put in jail. Unitedly came down against the British government and performed in Hatia with the color of Holi for 5 days. Workers, litterateurs, businessmen and general public launched a movement against the British rule. At the same time, markets in Kanpur city and surrounding rural areas were also closed in support of them.

The stove stopped burning in more than a hundred houses of that locality in the stove. The women and small children of the locality sat on a dharna in the same park. The people of the entire city did not take color from their face, like this, people kept roaming. The people of the city would collect in Hatia Bazaar throughout the day and people would go back to their homes only after 5 o’clock. The heat of this movement reached Delhi in two days. After which Pandit Nehru and Gandhiji supported their movement.

After being released from jail, the movement ended and told that after the 5th day of Holi, Anuradha Nakshatra left all 47 people from jail on the day of Anuradha Nakshatra on the 5th day of Holi. was given. After this, there was a festive atmosphere in the whole of Kanpur. Everyone played Holi fiercely. A cart of colors was taken out in the buffalo car. The color of colors via the markets ended at the Sarsaiya Ghat on the banks of the Ganges. On that day, people kept meeting each other by celebrating happiness till night. Since then, this festival was named Ganga Mela. Since then, this festival is celebrated with pomp.

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