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The last visit of the former royal family of Bikaner: the journey from the stronghold with the gazelle, farewell with moist eyes

Junagadh, who always chirped with tourists, was calm despite a huge crowd on Sunday. Was a warm. Tourists did not have an entry in this historic campus today because today was the last day of the last sign of the monarchy. Today was the day of farewell to Sushila Kumari, a princess of Dungarpur and then Bikaner’s Queen. Everyone was immersed in sorrow, but the member of the royal family came out of the stronghold with gazelle during the last visit. The deodorant in which Sushila Kumari once came as a bride came out of her body from the same premises. According to the time, it started at eleven and a half and reached Sagar via Public Park, Jaipur Road via Junagadh. The rule of kings is no longer but Sushila Kumari was accepted as Bikaner’s “Rajmata”. Khushi and Gum had both and crowds of the road to bid farewell to Rajmata, who is always standing with Bikaner. If someone was raining flowers in their path, then someone was showing their heads and showing their expressions. Even though he did not see Rajmata closely in his life, but a sense of respect was on everyone’s face. The eyes were only towards Siddhi Kumari. There is more members in this family but Siddhi Kumari lives among the public. Bikaner former MLA Siddhi Kumari was engaged in serving her grandmother. Everyone knows that the departure of Dadiisa has brought great vacancy in Siddhikumari’s life. The sorrow of the “donor” going on Siddhi Kumari’s face was clearly visible. All the members of the royal family remain at this place known as “Chhatrians of the royal family”. It is here that a wheel of Sushila Kumari will be ready in the next few times.

camel, band and royal ride

Camels were walking at the forefront of the final journey, in the final journey, camels were walking with Rajasthani costumes, The special band of the royal family was singing behind him. At the same time, people wearing clothes of the royal family were also walking. A large number of ordinary people were also walking together. Special palanquin for Rajmata was prepared yesterday. Which was decorated with flowers. In this palanquin, he was taken to the ocean.

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