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The solar system had water before the sun: revealing from research on the outer layer of the star; Scientist said- water came to planets from stars


Solar system had water presence before the sun. This is said by the scientist engaged in understanding the construction of the solar system. Scientists have been finding out for many years that who was the first to exist in the universe- Sun, water, earth, sky or something else. Now a research has claimed that the existence of water existed before the Sun.

John J John J John J John J John J John J John J John J John J John J. Tobin said- We did research on a star disc. This has revealed the origin of water before the construction of the Sun in the solar system. The name of this star is V883 Orionis. It is 1300 light year away from the earth. We came to know from the disc formed around it that water was present here as gas.

Research on the star’s disk said- When a cloud made of gas and dust bursts, a star is formed. Is. The disc of this cloud is also made around this star. The water we have received in the disc of V883 Orionis has some chemicals. They show how water reached planets from wires. It also supports this theory that the water on the earth is older than the Sun.

water is made in different types of condition. He said- The substances present in this disc formed around the star after thousands of years They stick. These later become comats, astroides and planets. We know that water is made in different types of conditions. Their ratio varies.

For example, some comtes of solar systems are shown like water on the earth. From this, it seems that water on the earth reached through comtes. The water structure in the V883 orionis disc is the same as the comtes present in our solar system. From this we can say that water was made billions of years ago. Before the Sun, made in space.

water means 2 atmosphere of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen, the steam emanating from the kettle or the lush shell of ice prepared by rubbing the stall. These three forms of water are called H2O in chemistry. H2O means water molecule. And the molecule is the unit of any substance. Just as our body is formed by meeting cells. That is, cells are unit of our body. H2O means water is made up of three atoms. These include two hydrogen atoms and one of oxygen. Hence its name is H2O.

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