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The spark of protest started in Congress government: MLA Ravi Thakur wrote a letter to the state president; Unhappy with transfer of constituency officials

Tribal area and MLA of their own party are being ignored in Himachal’s Sukhu government. Lahaul Spiti MLA Ravi Thakur has written a letter to Congress state president and MP Pratibha Singh. In this, he has raised the issue of transferring all three SDMs (Sub Division Magistrate), DFO (Division Forest Officer), two BDO (Block Development Officers), two Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar. It is that Ravi Thakur has written this letter to the state president when he is not being heard in the government. It is also the truth that he himself complained to Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu for transferring them without SDM, DFO, BDO etc., but DFO has been deployed till now. The posts of SDM, BDO, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar are still vacant. In a letter to Pratibha Singh, Ravi Thakur said that Lok Sabha elections are to be held next year. In view of this, the vacant posts of officers in their constituency should be filled soon. Due to the vacancy of these posts, anger is arising among the residents. All development work is stalled due to not having a single SDM in the district. Students wishing to apply for various examinations are unable to make important documents like certificates.

According to the policy, there is no transfer until the reliever comes to the reliever And the employee cannot be transferred until his reliever comes. However, the government did not care about it and ignored its own MLA. The government argued for transferring SDM and other officials that SDMs of the district have been changed on the demand of flan-fan MLA.

Local people started surrounding Ravi Thakur

P> When the officers can be changed on the demand of other MLAs, then why are the officers not being given to him even after Ravi Thakur demanded. Due to this, the local people have started surrounding Ravi Thakur.


Lahaul SDM sit in Kelong, Spiti and Udaipur in Spiti district. At this time all three posts are vacant. Ravi Thakur has requested Pratibha Singh to give the money of MP Nidhi in his constituency, which is not yet received. He has also demanded an ambulance for the Miyad region, which has been made before Pratibha Singh.

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