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The video of Meerut Rural seeking bribe of SP viral: merchant said- I send 10 lakhs; Anirudh Kumar said- send minimum 20; DGP headquarters seated investigation

The video of SP Anirudh Kumar of Meerut Rural seeking a bribe of 20 lakhs has gone viral on social media on Sunday. SP Rural Anirudh Kumar is talking to the businessman on a video call. Anirudh Kumar tells the businessman not to send it so late. Also asked- how much are you sending today?

merchant says that today we will send 10 or 20 lakhs. At the same time, the businessman says that brother will not be suspicious withdrawing such a huge amount from the account? When 10 lakh rupees comes out of the account, there is a problem. Money is coming out from the account payi check.

SP villages say that send minimum 20 lakh rupees by evening. The rest I tell. This video is said to be quite old. After the video surfaced, the DGP headquarters has set up an inquiry. Also ordered to report within 3 days. Then the owner of Sunbeam School was registered for rape. Based on this video, Anirudh Kumar was transferred to ASP Intelligence. He got a clean chit in the video investigation. After this, his posting was ASP Fatehpur. He is currently posted as SP Rural.

2018 batch IPS Haibata De, Anirudh Kumar is the IPS of the 2018 batch of Uttar Pradesh cadre. His wife is also an IPS in UP. When Anirudh Kumar was interacted about the viral video, he said, “I cannot make an official comment. This recovery was not a trap. “

Akhilesh Yadav tweeted and said in a statement issued by DGP Headquarters, DGP Headquarters seated, in a statement issued from the ReportDGP Headquarters sought in 3 days. It has been gone that on March 12, the video of IPS officer Anirudh Singh, appointed as SP Rural in Meerut, is going viral in which he is seen talking to a person through a video call. On the basis of the said video, Anirudh Singh is being accused of corruption. The said case is 02 years old, but in view of the seriousness of the case, the police headquarters has investigated the commissioner Varanasi and asked for a report within 03 days. On 8 September 2020, the allegation of Indrakant Tripathi, a businessman from Karvaai police station area of Mahoba, posted a social media post against the then Mahoba SP Manilal Patidar. In which the Patidar was accused of harassment for recovery. Indrakant was firing only a few hours after posting the post.

Indrakanth, who was injured in the incident, was admitted to Mahoba District Hospital. Kanpur was referred from here. Indrakant was killed on 13 September during treatment in Kanpur.

IPS had done in court. After his death, the family members were accused on behalf of the relatives. Indrakanth’s brother Ravikant Tripathi lodged an FII against Patidar in police station Kabrai on the evening of 11 September 2020. Since the incident, IPS Manilal Patidar, who has been absconding for 2 years, surrendered in court on 15 October 2022.

A reward of one lakh rupees was also announced on Patidar. He was now sent to a 14 -day judicial custody. On January 10, 2023, the anti -corruption court was granted bail by the Anti -Corruption Court on 10 January 2023. Are closed. The police had to file a charge sheet against Patidar, which he could not do in the scheduled time.

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