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The young man hangs the suicide by hanging from the tree:

A young man hanged a noose in Dhala Upala Fala of Sadar police station area. The younger brother took down seeing the elder brother hanging, but could not be saved. At present, the police is investigating the case.

Sadar Thanadikari Madanlal said that Veemal son Haja Katara resident Dhala Fala Upla has filed a report. It said that his son Mahendra Katara (18) had left the new house on Tuesday afternoon asking to go to the old house. After about half an hour, the younger son Dilip Katara was also going towards the old house. At the same time, Mahendra was seen hanging from a tree on the way. Seeing the elder brother Mahendra hanging on the noose, Dilip shouted loudly. The people of the village gathered on this. Mahendra was taken down from the noose and took him home, but he died.

then brought him to Dungarpur District Hospital. Doctors declared him dead after investigation. Sadar police station reached the spot on information. The body was kept in the hospital’s morchary. Police have handed over the body to the family by conducting a post -mortem of the body. Police is currently investigating the incident.

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