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Three dozen people sick after eating the remaining sweets: case of Dori Nagar of Gandhipark police station area of Aligarh, hospitalized sick

More than three dozen people fell ill after eating the remaining sweets of the wedding ceremony in Dorinagar area of Gandhipark police station area of Aligarh. After eating sweets, children and elders started vomiting and diarrhea, after which people were admitted to Malkhan Singh District Hospital and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Joint Hospital.

On the other hand, eating sweets on the other hand Later there was a stir in the entire area and the health department teams reached the spot for investigation. The department team has filled the samples of sweets and sent it to the lab for examination. At the same time, people who were ill after eating sweets have been admitted to the hospital, where they are undergoing treatment. At the same time, the teams of the department are investigating the case.

SI’s daughter was married The city resident was with a young man. After the daughter’s farewell, the SI distributed the remaining pudding and rasgulla to the people in the neighborhood.

After distributing sweets, when the people of the area ate it, people started falling ill one by one one by one. . Due to a large number of people being ill, there was a stir in the entire area and people have been admitted to the hospital. People are complaining of the most vomiting and diarrhea, due to which people are hospitalized.

Misery caused by food poisoning

Treatment of people in district hospital and joint hospital Its going on. At the same time, doctors say that people have had trouble due to food poisoning. Although the sick people do not have any other trouble and are being told outside the danger.

On the other hand, the health department team has sampled samples of sweets. Officials said that the effect of heat has started these days, due to which sweets and other things get spoiled quite quickly. People have suffered due to eating bad sweets. The department team has distributed medicines and ORS to the people by setting up camps. So that people can recover soon.

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