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Today, light clouds will dominate again: Excess heat at night than day, temperature will increase from next week

Last week, there was light rain with cloud cover amid seasonal fluctuations. If there was rain on Holi-Dhulandi too, the daytime temperature was normal on Rang Panchami. These days the temperature of the day is normal or 1-2 degrees lower while the heat is high at night. Last night temperature was normal. The Meteorological Department has predicted light clouds on Monday. With this, there will be an increase in temperature at the end of this week or week.

On Sunday, the maximum temperature of the day was 33.8 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature of the night was 20.2 degrees Celsius, which is 4 degrees above normal. Earlier on Saturday, the maximum temperature of the day was 33 degrees Celsius, which was 1 ° C lower than normal. Similarly, the night temperature was 18.2 degrees which was 2 degrees above normal. That is, day temperature has increased by 1 degree in 24 hours and 2 degrees in night’s tamil. The weather was clear since morning on Monday, while the sun was sunny.

West disturbance has entered the state at present. Due to this, there were light clouds on Sunday. Its effect will be mildly cloudy on Monday and after noon. Meteorologists have estimated a significant increase in temperature at the end of this month. Under this, the maximum temperature of the day can be more than 37 degrees.

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