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Two women assaulted in Khamani: Women allegations- assault also sent our brother-in-law to jail

A person beat up two women in village Khamani due to enmity. He has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment. It is being told that the nephew of women is already in jail on the complaint of the party which has been assaulted, but now her family has been assaulted.

Sunita and her sister Sangeeta both resident village Khaman Told that a person from our village beat us up. Killed both sisters. He has already sent my nephew Ajay father Santosh to jail in a case and is now assaulting us.

women alleged that they were also trying to drive us away from the village. Telling us that you go from the village. Do not stay here On this matter, he entered the house and assaulted.

Drinking pesticides drunk on alcohol

In another case, a young man drank alcohol intoxicants. He was admitted to the district hospital for treatment. Anil’s father Vishram resident Khamni drank the pesticide drank kept to put into the grass drunk. The family admitted him to the district hospital for treatment. Where his condition improves.

Amitesh Kumar

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