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Unended criminals firing, two people injured: Shot on a person who came to her in -laws, referred to CHC after primary treatment

Firing took place at around 12 noon near Durga Temple in Bardauni Khurd village under Netarhat police station area. In this firing, two people were shot and injured by unknown criminals. After the incident, the injured were brought to the Community Health Center Mahuadand with the help of local people. Where Latehar was referred for better treatment after first aid, according to the incident, Jamil Ansari (28) father Safir Ansari, a resident of Bairia village of Medininagar, came to his in -laws Lurgumi Kalan village on Saturday. Was sitting near the temple on Sunday. Meanwhile, unidentified criminals from a bike and car fired a blind bullet targeting him. In this firing, Jamil Ansari got two bullets in the stomach and a bullet near the chin. Tiwari Nayak (50), sitting nearby, was shot in the thigh of father Bindas Nayak. Due to which both were seriously injured. Latehar Referdon injured were brought to the Community Health Center Mahuadand for good treatment. Where the doctor present, Dr. Sunil Kandulna, after first aid, referred the injured youth to Latehar for better treatment. The doctor was told that the young man was shot in two stomachs. In which a bullet ripped out from the back. At the same time, a bullet is stuck in the stomach. While a bullet has gone out by touching the chin. In relation to the young man, people said that the young man has had criminal history in the past. The same police reached the spot and started investigating the case. Khokha has been recovered from the spot.

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