Use cloves in regular diet ?, Read its important benefits

Consumption of cloves increases appetite, stops vomiting, does not produce gas in the stomach, excessive thirst and also eliminates phlegm and bile. In addition, the use of cloves in blood disorders, respiratory diseases, cough and tuberculosis can also benefit you. According to experts, cloves are considered especially beneficial for men. In Ayurveda, clove is considered a medicine. It is used as a spice in Indian cuisine. 

Benefits of cloves and methods of consumption

- In case of severe headache, make a paste of cloves by mixing salt to taste. Drink this paste with milk. It provides immediate relief from headaches.

- Finely grind cloves in a copper pot. Mixing honey in it and applying it in the eyes gives relief in eye diseases. It is very beneficial for your eyes.

- Mixing clove powder and honey in equal proportions and licking it eliminates the problem of nausea.

- If you suffer from joint pain, mix equal amount of clove and mustard oil and apply on the joints. This reduces the pain.

- Combined consumption of clove oil, ginger and honey gives relief in cold-cough and cough. Its use is also beneficial in cold (Health benefits of clove).

- If you are suffering from ear pain or any kind of ear problem, then warm two to three drops of clove and sesame oil and apply it in the ear, it will cure the ear problems.

Special properties of cloves

- Consumption of cloves increases appetite. Digestion remains smooth.

- Appropriate appetite, interest in food is created and the mind remains happy.

- Clove destroys stomach worms.

- Its use also keeps the power of consciousness awake.

- Body odor disappears.

- Pain, and many diseases are cured by applying it on the wound.

- Urinary problems are also reduced.


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