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VIDO of supremacy among students

In the battle of domination between students in Gwalior, a student of 12th has been brutally beaten by some boys on the road. The student was returning after giving the exam, when seven to eight boys surrounded him. Two companions of the student ran away with an opportunity, but the attackers have caught the student and beat him fiercely on the road.

The people standing there have made viral by making a video of the fight. The incident took place near Vidyabhavan School on Bhind Road at 2 pm on March 11. The student was very scared of the incident. When his video went viral, he reached Maharajpura police station on Sunday night with his father and complained. The police have registered a case.

Raj (17), a resident of Samarth Nagar A-13 on Maharajpura Bhind Road in the city, is a student of 12th. It was his paper on 11 March. He was returning with his friends Abhishek and Gaurav at two in the afternoon after taking the exam. At that time, Dev Gurjar, Asu Gurjar and Aman Dhakad stood with four to five other colleagues at a distance of about 100 meters from Vidyabhavan School. On seeing Raj, Dev stopped him and started abusing him. When the student protested, everyone started beating him. Seeing the sudden attack, the student’s companions ran away. After this, the attackers have beaten the student fiercely by sitting on the stairs of a shop. Some are kicking and some were punching. Not only this, the student once left and tried to escape, but the attacker grabbed the bag hanging on his back and pulled it back and then started beating. The student has been injured in the incident. Revenge of the quarrel a week ago- it has been found that the attack has been taken to avenge the clash a week ago. Student Raj was debated with Dev Gurjar. To avenge her, Dev has surrounded the student by surrounded by her colleagues. Police said that the student Ravi Bhadoria says that the student has come with her father and complained of assault. The police have registered the case. The assault is being searched.

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