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Village youth raped the woman: Husband had gone to visit Bageshwar Dham, then the incident was carried out

A youth of the village carried out the rape incident in the name of getting wages with a 28 -year -old woman three months ago in Pachwali village of Rannod police station area of Shivpuri district. After this, the woman was pressurizing the woman to make a relationship with her in the name of defaming her. The woman then told her husband in the incident of rape with her. On the complaint of the victim, the Rannod police station has registered a case against the accused under the sections of rape and taken into consideration. A 28 -year -old woman from Pachwali village told that on December 11, my husband went to Dham to see Bageshwar Dham. Around 3:00 pm, I had left for wages from my house for wages, Lala alias Bhupendra Dangi of the village was found near the school and told me that I am looking for a laborer, you go to work on my farm. Later, Lala alias Bhupendra went to work on Dangi’s farm. On reaching the farm, Lala alias Bhupendra Dangi forcefully took me to the tapariya on the farm and he carried out the rape incident with me. Meanwhile, my brother -in -law reached the spot, seeing that Lala alias Bhupendra Dangi ran away. Lala threatened me not to tell me anything. This was the reason why I kept quiet and told anyone nothing. Threatening to do, I was threatening to have a physical relationship with him, fed up with this, I told my husband about the incident that happened to me. A complaint has been lodged with her husband after reaching Rannod police station.

Rannod police station in -charge Amit Chaturvedi says that on the complaint of the woman, threatening to kill against the accused and registered a case under the section of rape and in the investigation Has taken.

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