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Weather will change again in Chhindwara: From March 16, the chances of rain, hail can also fall

The weather will change once again with another western disturbance. According to the Meteorological Department, from March 16 to March 20, there will be a thunderstorm with thunder and rain in Chhindwara district with thunderstorms and rain. The weather is likely to be clear and normal by March 14.

The possibility of rain and hailstorm in the district, especially farmers may face difficulty. According to meteorologists, along with western disturbances, the effect of cyclonic winds coming from Rajasthan will also adverse the weather. After rain and hailstorm, the temperature may fall by three to four degrees by March 20. Is. Recently, the changing weather patterns in the district have caused a lot of damage to wheat and gram crops in many areas. Strong winds have added crops. 80 percent of the Rabi season has still been erected in the district.

continuous weather is coming up and there is a continuous ups and downs in the district weather for one week. Sometimes the rain has been seen having a thunderstorm and hailstorm at some places. However, the maximum mercury reached 32.9 degrees due to clear weather in the district on Saturday and sunshine. The minimum temperature was recorded at 17.8 degrees on Friday night.

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