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Will Virat be able to score 100 centuries: If he returns to five -year -old form, he will go ahead of Sachin by 2026

Team India star batsman Virat Kohli has ended the drought of century in Test cricket. He has played a century in the longest format of international cricket after 1205 days, 23 matches and 41 innings. With this, Virat has 75 centuries in international cricket.

Now the big question now arises whether he will be able to match Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries or will they break this record? In this story, you will know the answer to this question.

First of all see the breakup of Virat’s 28th century

How long can Virat play for how long you can score 100 or more centuries, it is necessary to make 100 or more centuries. They continue to play for a few years now. Virat has not given any hint so far that he feels that he is planning to get away from cricket. That is, they will continue to play now, but how long will they continue? In terms of fitness, he is in better position than many young stars of Team India. The status is also such that no one can exclude them until they decide for retirement. Sachin Tendulkar played for India till the age of 40. Rahul Dravid played till the age of 39. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a part of Team India till the age of 38 years. If Virat also goes on the path of these giants, then he can play 4 to 5 years comfortably. Now the next question arises that in the event of 4 to 5 years and in the event of playing, they will be able to collect more than 25 more. Right now he has 74 centuries. If you get the form of

2018, then the path takes 7.33 innings for every century by mixing all three formats of easy chilli. In this sense, he will need 190 innings for 26 centuries. He has played an average of 34 innings every year in his 16 -year career. Accordingly, they will have to play about 5 and a half years for 190 innings. It is absolutely possible to play 5 more years. However, if he gets his five -year -old form, he can complete the centuries century in the next three years.

Virat scored 22 centuries in 99 innings, including 2017 and 2018. That is, 1 century in every 4.5 innings. If they start scoring a century again at this speed, then in about 117 innings, they will give 26 more centuries. That is, in the next three years. By the year 2026. As Virat is recently batting, it indicates that he is returning to form like 2017-2018.

form and fitness as well as taking breaks will also have to be reduced by 100 centuries. Whether or not the figure will cross, it is dependent on their form and fitness as well as how much they take the brake. In the last few years, Virat has taken a fierce break. India has played 137 international matches since 1 January 2020. Virat played in only 86 of these. Naddad was missing from 51 matches.

was not that they lived unfit. They used to take breaks. If they continue to disappear from so many matches, then it can be difficult to reach 100 centuries. Yes, even if they play less T20 matches, work can be done. In this format, he has scored only 1 century in 107 innings. They have to avoid taking breaks from ODI and Test matches.

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