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Woman dies after being cut off from train: painful accident near Poama, woman was drunk, police is investigating case

A woman lay on a railway track in Kashi Nagar under the countryside police station of Chhindwara, which was trampled by the train. Actually the deceased has been identified as Amarvati Dhurve, 56. Police said that she often used to talk about killing her by cutting the Amarvati train that was drunk in alcohol, finally what she used to speak often. Last night, the woman died after being hit by a screwdrder passer train.

In the information, the countryside TI GS Uike said that 56-year-old Amarvati Bai husband Makhanlal Dhurve, a resident of Kashi Nagar, used to roam here and there often. And used to pass by demanding. Adi Amarvati of alcohol died last night due to the grip of the train, his body was found lying on the track on Tuesday morning. After the information, the police reached the spot and took the post -mortem by taking possession of the dead body, while the case has been taken into investigation and the case has been investigated.

The deceased has five sons and a daughter, but even after that She used to live like orphans and talked about letting them go to the train, finally she died on Monday-Tuesday night due to the train being hit by the train.

police tax The investigation of the case was said by the police station in -charge that he is investigating the matter. At the same time, statements of family members are also being taken. Please tell that often the woman used to live in drugs, while her body has been made PM after the accident. Finally, the police is investigating why he took such a step.

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