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Woman suicide in her husband’s disconnection in Bhind: Husband died two years ago, married woman was hit while taking bath in Gormi

Two women have died in two different police stations of Bhind. In the countryside police station area, a woman has committed suicide in the grief of her husband’s death. Here in Gormi, a woman was taking a bath in the house when she got a current, which led to her death. The police established the crime.

According to the police station police station, Raghuraj Rajawat, husband of Vandana Rajawat, who lives in Babedi village, died two years ago due to illness. The woman could not forget the gum of her husband’s departure. She used to be depressed. Police say Vandana has two children. She was living a lifetime that was unhappy. The woman also tried suicide two to three times before. Once again the woman was alone in the house. He has ended his life by swinging on the noose inside the house. The body of the woman has been made by the police and handed over to the family members. The police station police station is investigating the entire case.

Here Gormi police station said that a woman in Sukand village got a current while bathing inside the house, which led to her death. Rachna Baraitha wife Neeraj Baratha, who lives in Sukand village, was married three years ago. The woman also has a child. She lived in the village with her mother -in -law’s father -in -law. While her husband and other brothers -in -law work in Gujarat and do business. Here the woman took a bath in the house and came to put washed clothes on the wire. This clothes was running in some way in the drying wire, which caused it to fall in the grip of current. After the death of the woman, the police made the body PM. Here, in the woman’s maternal side, the in -laws were also accused of murder. The police is investigating the entire case.

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