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Women dialect conspired to kill Satish Kaushik: Satish went to the party at his farm house, police started investigation

On the death of actor Satish Kaushik, a woman claimed that she was murdered. On the night of 8 March, Satish attended a party in Delhi’s form house. The wife of farmhouse owner and businessman Satish Malu has made sensational allegations.

The woman said that her husband Vikas Malu killed Satish Kaushik for a transaction of Rs 15 crore. The woman Vikas is the second wife of Malu. Vikas has made these allegations wrong. He said that Vikas Kaushik was like his family for the last 30 years. The police will now interrogate Vikas Malu in this case.

Satish Kaushik passed away on the night of 8 March. He was 66 years old. The cause of death in the post -mortem was stated to be cardiac arrest.

Read 6 allegations of woman …

1. Satish’s Hathiphila, who was done through medicine, on Saturday filed a complaint with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office, alleging that Satish was asking for money from her husband, whom her husband did not want to repay. Satish Kaushik was murdered through some medicines, which was arranged by her husband.

2. The husband had met Satish Kaushik, according to the IANS report, the woman said that on 13 March 2019, she was married to businessman Vikas. The husband introduced him to Satish Kaushik. Not only this, Satish often used to meet husband and wife in Dubai and India.

3. There was also a fight between Satish and husband about the money

According to the woman, on 23 August 2022, Satish Kaushik came to his house in Dubai and during this time he asked her husband Rs 15 crore. The woman said- I was present in the drawing room, where there was a debate between Satish and Vikas. Kaushik was telling him that he was in dire need of money and gave money to my husband three years ago for investment. Satish had said that neither any investment was made from his money nor his money was returned. So he is now feeling cheated now.

4. Husband gave a party in Dubai, Dawood’s son, according to Thamedia reports present there, the woman also shared a photo of a party in Dubai. The woman claimed that the son of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was also present at the party. When I asked my husband what was the matter, he said that Satish’s money is over during Kovid. My husband also told that he wanted to get rid of Satish and was planning him.

5. Drugs used to do business of drugs, Vikas has claimed that her husband does a variety of drugs. The woman said that Vikas had also told Satish that he had returned the money, but he does not have evidence. He is ready to repay the money again. He needs time.

6. After giving poisonous medicines, Satish was killed

The woman said that as soon as she heard the news of Satish’s death, her entire suspicion went on her husband. He said that I am completely suspicious that my husband along with his colleagues conspired to kill Satish and killed him by feeding him poisonous medicine, so that he would not have to pay money.

Malu’s allegations Answer- cannot tolerate what happened

Vikas has replied to the allegations by posting on social media. He wrote, “I had good family relations with Satish ji for the last 30 years. It did not take even a few minutes for this world to throw mud in my name. I am not able to tolerate the tragedy that happened after the celebration. < /P>

I just would like to say that no one comes to tell it, nor does anyone walk on it. I would like to request the media to think about everyone’s feelings. I always to Satish I will remember. “

What will happen next in Satish Kaushik case?

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actor and director Satish Kaushik died late on Wednesday night. There was a wave of mourning across the country since the news of the death came out on Thursday morning. Actor Karthik Aryan, who was a tenant at the house of Satish at home during Struggle days, shared a post on social media and paid tribute to him. He told in the post that Satish was a good person, as well as the best landlord. Read the full news P> Actor-director Satish Kaushik died in Delhi at 1:30 pm on Wednesday night. He was 66 years old. This information was given by Anupam Kher by tweeting. He and Satish Kaushik were friends for the last 45 years. 2 days after his death, a video of Anupam Kher has surfaced, in which he cried remembering his best friend. Read full news-

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