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Women Ratna Samman 2023 strong women awarded from 2023: Vice Chancellor Bolin- The incarnation of Shakti, the basis of life is woman

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Nari Samman ceremony was organized by Shri Banke Bihari Welfare Educational Society at Seth Padam Sansthan. In this, more than two dozen women who have made incomparable contribution in education, social service and nation building, Prof. Vice Chancellor of Agra University. Ashu Rani honored.

In the program, the Vice Chancellor said that where the woman is respected, the gods reside there. Woman is an incarnation of power, and there is also a store of patience. Without a woman, this world is incomplete, the basis of life is woman. Today, women are not weak, not weak. She is proving her ability in all areas from space to politics. Today’s woman has unprecedented ability to do something and is capable of overcome with every difficulty. Today, women are not only self -sufficient, but they are progressing in every field. Whether or the field of education. Women in our country have become the President and Prime Minister. People have also accepted the leadership role of women. Whenever women get equal opportunities, they have proved themselves. Women have proved their talent in every field. Pyari, Anjali Solanki, Kiran Singh, Youth Icon Kumari Divya Singh, Ishika Bansal, Ishika Gupta, Kari Gautam, Chandni Kumari, Mani Sharma, Gunjan Dixit, Supriya Jain, Sushmita Singh, Anjali Gautam, Lalita Basu, Ruby Shakya in the field of yoga. . Chaturvedi, Mrs. Shweta Chandel, Pooja Saxena Programming Head PRO Agra University, Mahila Icon Mrs. Reena Singh, Dr. Ranjana Gupta International player Anti Romeo Scort in -charge in the field of sports, Mahant Archana Sharma ancient Ravali Mahadev Temple was honored in the religious field. .

environment areas Trice Sumita Dodia, Pavita Singh, Mrs. Rubina Anjum Sharma Advocate in the field of law, Delhi, Ranjana Sachan Inspector Uttar Pradesh Police, Mrs. Jaya Sharma writer in the field of education, Reenu Verma, Jyoti Maheshwari, Culture and Kshetra Bhavna Jadoun , Dr. Rupali Khanna Caligraphy Artist, Dr. Pratibha Keshav Talegaonkar, Dr. Vandana Yadav, Swati Singh Makeup Artist in the field of fashion was honored. Vice Chancellor Prof. Ashurani, Shri Bankebihari Educational Society’s patron Sushumlata Saraswat and Dr. Madan Mohan Sharma, President of Shri Bankebihari Educational Society, jointly lit a lamp in front of the statue of Saraswati. The program was conducted by Sahitya Bhushan honored Sushil Sarit. Among the program arrangements, Deepak Saraswat, Arun Srivastava, Shalini Srivastava, Uma Sharma, Nakul Saraswat etc. took over. The program was chaired by Sushumlata Saraswat.

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