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Women’s Day in Afghanistan: 4 women appeared with Burka-Mask on the biggest TV channel, Islam-women rights were discussed

Women’s Day was also celebrated in Afghanistan along with the rest of the countries of the world on 8 March. The biggest private TV channel ‘Tolo News’, the biggest private TV channel, saw 4 women full burqa and surgical masks. During this period, women’s rights were discussed in Islam. According to

media reports, the program was organized by the Taliban Hukumat of Afghanistan. This is also the first time that after capturing the Afghan rule on 15 August 2021, the Taliban approved women to appear on TV. Participated in transmission. They were an anchor and three panelists. The statement released by the channel said- We want to show that it can be discussed by staying within the purview of Islam. So on International Women’s Day, we decided to telecast the all female discussion.

The strict dress code was fixed for the discussion panel. He was asked to come wearing a full burqa. Apart from this, applying surgical face mask was also a menditer. No panelist’s hair was visible.

Journalist Asma Khogyani, who is in the discussion panel, said- women have been given rights in Islam. They are allowed to do education and work.

Women should also follow the important part of society

Amitesh Kumar

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