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Youth dies due to drug overdose in Ludhiana: village

The body of a young man was found early outside the government school in village Chaunta located in Halka Sahnewal in Ludhiana, Punjab. The young man died of drug overdose. People have also received intoxicants near his body. According to people, village Chaunta is selling openly intoxication.

MLA Hardeep Singh Mundis are not taking the essence of light. The youth are getting drug addicts. Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann should take strict action against those who are sold in the village Chauta. So that the life of the youth of the village can be saved.

People’s allegations- Police does not catch drug addicts Manjit Kaur ofgaon said that there have been even a large strike in the village, but drug addiction in this village Not stopping According to people, there is a setting of police employees, due to which drug smugglers are not caught in the village. Outside the government school in Chaunta village, there is a public intoxication. People also made complaints several times to the police, but the police administration did not take any action. At the same time, Sulkhan Singh Mand said that people have also caught drug addicts many times, but the police leave them. Now the village residents have decided that until no sure is resolved against drug addicts in this village, he will not cremate the body of this young man. The village residents are upset. The village residents who sell Chitta in the village are also beaten up. MLA Hardeep Singh Mundia should present his case in this case how long he will tighten the drug smugglers from the village.

Amitesh Kumar

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